The ASA Europe team consists of a group of experienced specialists in the area of ​​capital funds supporting entrepreneurs and local governments in the development and implementation of investment projects requiring the involvement of external capital. Our services are characterized by professionalism and the pursuit of practical results, and the business consulting is to ensure the conditions for our clients to make optimal, key investment decisions. The group cooperates with other companies and professionals to provide customers with a wide range of available services and guarantee the highest possible quality.

Our invitation

is directed to active people and companies with practical experience with  a wide range of business contacts, who:

  • specialize in developing project documentation,
  • are interested in expanding their offer with services related to obtaining financing for capital funds,
  • operate successfully in the area of ​​co-financing with EU funds,
  • are experts organizing comprehensively the production, energy- related, etc processes, for whom the lack of financing is the only obstacle to the development of a scale of action,
  • play a key role in organizations and associations supporting the development of investments,
  • are looking for loans for companies,
  • provide consultancy services for business and local governments and / or provide professional BP documentation,

We offer training, an attractive commission system based on the success fee model and a comprehensive service for your clients.

If you are interested in establishing cooperation with ASA Europe., please contact us directly or by telephone.

Join us!