Public sector

We specialize in servicing the financing of local government units.
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Private sector

Do you have your project? Do you have the best knowledge about him? Are you fully convinced of its implementation?
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Venture Capital

Venture Capital is a form of project financing that investors provide to start-ups and smaller enterprises that have long-term growth potential.
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Economic consulting and co-financing of companies

Do you belong to the local government investing in the quality of public services provided? Or maybe you are a private entrepreneur seeking capital for the development of your company? If so, the offer of ASA Europe is just for you!

ASA Europe is an intensively operating equity company that offers financial products for both private and public investments on the European market. Our company has been present in Poland since 2011 and is part of the international capital group SG LLC based in the United States. Thanks to this, we have vast knowledge derived from the experience of countries such as the United States of America, Germany, France and Great Britain. We represent venture capital funds by financing private and public investments as a partner of non-European capital funds.

Why us?

What distinguishes us above all is expert knowledge, derived from many international markets, a long-term cooperation model (up to 30 years) and freedom in managing the company (no operational control after the investment). Our goal is capital and constructive support – at every stage of development – of effective investment projects of the private sector and government economic enterprises affecting the quality of life of the citizens. We invest in particular in the energy industry, environmental protection, health care, construction and transport, and all types of local government investments.

Our team

Our team consists of international experts, thanks to which we are able to assess the real opportunities of even the most innovative business models in terms of their commercialization and profitable management. Combining your forces with ASA Europe means to ensure the highest quality of cooperation, full professionalism, reliability and guarantee of success.

We encourage you to get acquainted with our offer!